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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yesterday I began to program SOCCER TACTYX, a preview of the next to come GUN TACTYX 2 in which the bots does not shoot each other but peacefully... play soccer!
I put together some ideas on occasion of the European Foot-ball Championship (Euro2008) and then published a very early demo: nothing to play yet, but at least you can see the models at work.
You can download the demo here.
I asked for permission to use the models taken from the International Online Soccer, a great MOD for Half-Life 1. Recently a version of IOS for Half-Life 2 has been published (visit the official site). Then you can see in the demo a simple indoor field made by Kr0meel. We still have to set correctly the textures, that's why the room seems so flat.
Executing the demo, you'll see the usual loading screen, then, clicking on PLAY, you'll see the models performing their animations. A lot of work is needed to complete the game, the European Football Championship is near, thus I'd better to post and go back to the script editor. Feel free to post suggestions and comments.
Stay tuned for more news about SOCCER TACTYX.

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