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Sunday, May 4, 2008

City Racing demo

Let’s go into the details of the proposed demos, so you can partecipate to the poll with a better knowledge of what you’re voting for.
City Racing” is the least innovative of the three. It is, more or less, like ‘Urban Tactics meets Hoverjet Racing’, in fact the scenery is a large BSP level, similar to the one performed in “Urban Tactics”, where several cars compete as in “Hoverjet Racing” (but with a goal, this time).
Of course, the physics involved in the game is very different from the one the hoverjets were subject to, in fact the cars can’t follow the toboga-like path between walls with those 90 degrees turns. However I don’t think to use the functions of ODE, because my simple particle-based physics engine should still work well in such an environment.
For what regards the AI section, I think to implement a preview of the new script-driven AI that I’m going to include in GUN TACTYX 2. This should be more interesting than a built-in fixed behavior, because players could improve it, making this demo the first example of the new TACTYX series.
If you like this short description, vote “City Racing” as the next APOCALYX demo that you desire to play.

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