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Friday, May 30, 2008

MDL smooth transitions

Just a short news to announce that smooth transitions in MDL models between different animations are finally available.
Probably you remember a demo that I published a month ago: The Trenches. The main problem was a jerky movement that affected some of the transitions. That was caused by differences between animations intended to be in sequence.
In the next release of the engine, the programmer can set the transition time between two sequences, so the cut will disappear.
This is useful to GUN TACTYX 2, the model of which are in a too evident way affected by the problem, but also to the next SOCCER TACTYX.
Finally, the MDL support has improved enough to be considered almost complete, so I can look forward to the real game mechanics.

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Unknown said...


i am developing soccer video game for video game dev contest, i am allowed to use existing material.

i need to have full right to use the soccer model.