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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indoor soccer field

Thanks to Kr0meel, the soccer field, where the SOCCER TACTYX Championships will take place, is going to acquire its final shape. Finally the textures are those intended by the author. In fact, you can see in the screenshots an improvement in comparison with the demo that I released yesterday (read yesterday's post for a link to the current very simple demo). I'm not sure yet about the light intensity, but this is a parameter that we can easily modify later.

Loading screen

In a few days I'll replace the basic demo with a playable one, at least in its essential structure. I don't know yet if the simulator of the bots' virtual CPUs can afford the effort to support 11 vs 11 matches, but I think that a 5 vs 5 is a more realistic objective and also more manageable for the script writers.
Imagine two teams of bots, each of them controlled by their own script, playing football in an indoor field, running and shooting balls to show who is the best: that is going to be SOCCER TACTYX.

MDL models during training

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