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Thursday, May 15, 2008

GUN TACTYX at school

I have discovered, from time to time, that GUN TACTYX has been used in universities for researches in the field of artificial intelligence. When I developed the game, I had in mind CROBOTS, a game where several robots fight firing missile in a simplified arena. The AI of the robots is driven by algorithms written by the players: the best script wins. A version that is easier to play on modern machines is my JROBOTS. There C-like scripts are replaced by Java classes and the challenges are executed on-line, thanks to Java applets.
GUN TACTYX is more complex to master than JROBOTS, because the enviroments is more complex, but this is not a problem for researches on AI, because a complex environment is preferred.
This is the reason why you can find papers that cite, or even are based, on GUN TACTYX. Here is a list of some that I've found. The first 2 comes from the Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil and the last from Bournemouth University in UK.

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