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Monday, May 5, 2008

Meteor Hunter demo

The second proposed demo, that you can vote for in the poll, is “Meteor Hunter”. Its screenshots has been around for a long time, in fact battles among space fighters are one of my preferred games since the nineties. This is the reason why I put together the resources for such a game, but I still have to complete it. In practice, the StarField class of backgrounds implemented in APOCALYX has been waiting this demo for years.
What’s “Meteor Hunter” about? The player will pilot a X-wing-like vehicle among asteroids and will fight against Tie-fighter-like opponents. Imagine a lot of laser beams, starships and asteroids all around… what’s better?
The enemies’ AI will be driven by the “OpenSteer” library, with a superposition of several behaviors with unpredictable results. Another particularity will be the drive system: I want to try something more realistic for outer-space than the usual airplane-like controls, but it’s too soon to describe it now.
If you like this short design, vote for “Meteor Hunter” as the next APOCALYX demo and… let the force be with you!

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