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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The TweakBar GUI

The first GUI that I added to the engine was AntTweakBar. It is an easy to use library that implements a nice bar with several components. It can be used to tweak variables in an application, in fact each component can manage boolean, numeric, text or color variables in a very intuitive way. You can define callbacks that modify the values of the interested variables, when the user interact with the component. The bar is beautiful to see and displays nicely in the existent OpenGL window.
Thus APOCALYX users, with not so much coding, can interactively modify parameters in their demos to try different what-ifs. You can see the tweak-bar at work executing the demo “TeakBarAndEmitter” included in DemoPack1.
Of course, the AntTweakBar library does not define a GUI as is usually intended, but it’s very useful in some situations, when you need to interact with a few components, but don’t want to deal with too complex environments.

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