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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Terrain performances (II)

After the comparison between the terrains of Irrlicht and APOCALYX, now it's the turn of the promised comparison between the terrains of Ogre3D and APOCALYX. I have extracted the height-map and color-map from the Ogre3D terrain demo and, then, I have passed the data to the APOCALYX "infinite terrain". The following screenshots show the results.

Ogre3D above, APOCALYX below

Again it's not easy to compare the results. Also Ogre3D, like Irrlicht, applies the color-map to the height-map and superimposes the detail-map. Then the borders of the map are the usual unrealistic square linear cut all around. As I have already explained, APOCALYX applies a color-map (the shadows) to the height-map, then a coarse-map and, finally, the detail-map. No cuts are noticeable when the heigth-map presents periodic boundaries.
Another difficulty was to choose similar detail maps, because the Ogre3D original ones were too light for APOCALYX. Finally, I lost myself in the map and I couldn't set the same view. Anyway, those two pictures give almost the same frame rate.
At the end of the tests, the conclusion is the same as the other comparison: more detail in Ogre3D and Irrlicht, (fake) larger landscapes in APOCALYX.

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